A wine platform for wine enthusiasts.





E-commerce platform

Vienna-based winecompany Craftwines was looking for a partner which could rebuild their wine platform within just 6 weeks time. The multilingual e-commerce platform had to be completely redone, products imported and a new design had to be made.

We started by making the look & feel of the whole platform a lot cleaner and removed everything that wasn’t relevant to the customer out of plain sight. This way the whole experience would be more natural and conversions would go up. Not unimportant for an e-commerce website that sells wine products online.

Besides wines, tasting, vouchers and more, the platform showcases winemakers from different regions. Wine fanatics that are interested in where and by whom their favorite wines are made can easily read about wines, regions and winemakers.

The wines are presented in a very simple way which makes it easy for customers to pick the wine they like. Filters and icons make choosing the right wine easier than ever. The shipping module calculates shipping costs based on location and the amount of bottles in an order.

We are confident Craftwines will be a very successful platform. The team is extremely driven and we haven’t ever met more passionate wine experts than the men and women at Craftwines.