Our services


From the start our main focus has been web development. However, this focus has been shifting to online marketing and strategy. While web development is still a very important part of TEQQED we now offer a wide range of other services such as UI and UX design, mobile development and security.

Our network and capacity has been growing very rapidly and more and more talented professionals work for us. Have a look at some of the services we offer and check out what we could do for your brand.


Anything from minimalistic static corporate websites to complex ecommerce platforms and much more. Built from scratch or based on WordPress, Magento or other open source solutions.


Redesigning, digitalizing, or creating new brands out of nothing. Our branding geniuses have worked for renowned companies and will shape your brand for success.


Want to get more relevant traffic to your website? Have our SEO and SEA experts take control of your search engine marketing and see your stats improve.


With a big focus on – but not limited to – education. Gamification is not only getting more popular for educational purposes but is more and more used for commercial improvements also. Turn your processes into games and see efficiency increase!


Get your marketing department going in the right direction and see business increase. Specialized in online strategy, we have changed the course of many companies in the right direction for years.


Offer the best possible user-experience by investing in high-end design. Proper UI/UX design is crucial for your digital products’ success. If you’re serious about your product, you can’t skip this design phase.

Why we always deliver

Rest assured your product will be delivered on time and beyond expectations. We make sure to select the most suitable professionals and assemble the most skilled and efficient team for the job.

So far we have never let a client down and we intend to keep it that way.