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Securing top 3 positions in France for high-volume keywords for a newly built webshop in France.

Our client was working with outdated technology and not performing well in search engines in France. When we started building the webshop we ensured meeting the minimum SEO requirements in order to gain positions. With a focus on specific categories and keywords we optimized each page for Google France.

‘Palissades bambou’ number 1 position

One of the keywords with the highest search volumes for bamboo products in France. For months in a row the keyword has been (and possibly still is at the time of writing) in the number one spot in Google France. Generating huge numbers of visitors and potentially sales.

Important for SEM (search engine marketing) is the constant analyzing, monitoring and improving of content and backlinks. Another crucial factor for high rankings is the amount and quality of backlinks. Then there’s a thousand other factors that all influence keyword positions, some more than others obviously.

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Increase organic traffic

The amount of visitors that originate from organic searches in Google has increased by over 20% since the laucnh of the new website. Not only does Bambou World get more (organic) visitors, they’re also receiving more orders than ever before.

Despite the quote request feature that was added, which could’ve caused a decrease in orders because of the delay and extra steps that need to be taken, an impressive increase in revenue occurred.

Google Analytics

As shown in the screenshot taken from Google Analytics an increase of over 20% percent in organic traffic was measured.

In the past months no active SEO was performed. Chances are the ranking of the best performing keywords will drop. It’s highly recommended to keep track of positions, competitors and changes in Google’s search engine algorithms.

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