Luxury Hotel

Webdesign for a client that operates several high-end luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.


Clean, clear webdesign

Because we have multiple hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts in our portfolio we were asked to design a website for a hotel chain. The client owns multiple hotel and resorts which will attract customers in the higher segment.

To optimize conversion a clean, clear interface was created. Less distractions and a maximum focus on the elements that will intuitively push visitors into a funnel. As with most travel-related websites, images and videos are prominently present throughout the website to immerse potential customers in the experiences that await them.

Web development

Hotel booking system

As with most hotels, our client has been working with Sabre’s hospitality software SynXis. One of the most widely used reservation systems for hotels, resorts, spas and more.

Because of this we were able to skip the user experience design for the reservations flow. We did however incorporate subtle, but highly effective funnels in the design. Visitors will intuitively be lead to relevant content and eventually to the reservation system. Potential customers that aren’t ready to reserve yet are presented with the option to opt-in for the newsletter to receive exclusive offers.

Because of the amount and size of images and videos used throughout the website advanced caching, lazy load and a proper hosting setup are essential. Also, a content delivery network (e.g. Cloudflare) will be configured.

Development hasn’t started yet at the time of writing. We’re hoping to launch the platform in the second half of next year.

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