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The fastest growing news platform in the entire Caribbean. Currently covering Sint Maarten, Aruba and Trinidad & Tobago.


Island Talks; from zero to hundred

Just over two years ago our highly ambitious client from the Caribbean had the idea to disrupt the media world in the Caribbean. By taking a different approach on how news is perceived,shared and discussed, the concept for a fully automated news platform was created.

Island Talks is rapidly becoming one of the main sources of news for many islanders in the Caribbean. On Sint Maarten (SXM Talks) the amount of traffic and Facebook followers has outgrown most of the established (online) newspapers. SXM Talks is automatically being fed news from different news sources. It uses keyword filters, category criteria and other parameters so only relevant news is gathered.

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Several designs to choose from

We offered different design and development options to the client. The more features and dynamic elements were put into the design, the more development hours would be needed. As with most projects the mobile design was done first.

Currently approximately 70% of all users visit the Island Talks websites on their mobile devices. The importance of mobile-first design is huge, even more so in the Caribbean.

Ultimately a clean and more simple design version was chosen. This would improve loading speeds, make the platforms more manageable and would also allow for new features such as classifieds to be implemented in less time.

The first and, so far, biggest and best performing platform by far is With close to 18.000 followers on Facebook it’s now the second biggest news platform on St. Maarten.

Island Talks

Free one-pager

For future endeavours the domain was secured. As a free bonus a simple one-page website was built where potential partners, advertisers or anyone interested can have a look. It includes links to both Google Play and Apple store where the Android and iOS mobile app can be downloaded.

So far only St. Maarten is integrated in the mobile app. The app offers a classifieds feature which people can use to publish their products in the app and on the SXM Talks website.

You can find the iOS version here and the Android version here.

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