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Conveying emotion in

branded user


The brand presence that radiates confidence, instills trust, and empowers the vision of a groundbreaking digital future.

Wewo Crypto
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balance between

modernity & relialibity

Client desired a brand identity that would differentiate them in a competitive market and resonate with their target audience. And we had to strike a delicate balance between modernity and reliability.

The design concept centered around the dynamic interplay of blue and yellow colors, carefully chosen to convey specific brand attributes.

The prominent use of blue represented reliability, stability, and security, instilling confidence in potential users and investors. Complementing this, the vibrant yellow hue added a touch of energy, optimism, and innovation to the brand's visual identity, showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of the crypto industry.

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empowering wewo to shape the future crypto

The logo underwent a comprehensive process, integrating contemporary typography, and a distinct symbol that represented trust, innovation, and progress.

To complement the captivating color palette, the brand identity embraced the modern and visionary "Tomorrow" font.

This bold and forward-thinking typography choice embodied the essence of tomorrow's possibilities, elevating the brand's messaging and visual appeal. With clean lines and a contemporary feel, the "Tomorrow" font reflected the project's determination to stay ahead of the curve and confidently embrace the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

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Fast. Accurate. Hyperfocused. They’re a distributed team of highly skilled people working for companies and brands that want to make a positive impact through technology.

Adhaar Sharma
Co-Founder & CEO LoveSpreadsheets