Excelling at branding, user experience design and web & mobile development. Offering a wide range of services that will take your brand or company to the next level. With our pro-active attitude, high quality of work and the best specialists out there we elevate your businesses on all levels.


Opportunity Analysis
Search engine marketing
Growth hacking


Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines


Graphic Design
User Experience
User Interfaces


Web and Mobile
API Development

Fast, versatile, better.

Our efficient way of working makes us 50% faster than the average digital agency while guaranteeing equal or better results. For every project we assemble a team of specialists with specific knowledge and experience. Seemless communication is key to exceed expectations and always over-deliver.


Many of the world’s best and biggest products are created by individuals or small, highly skilled and specialized teams. We use the same approach for all of our projects, enabling is to deliver the highest possible quality in the shortest amount of time.

Agile project management and the use of hypermodern tools allow us to get more work done without losing sight of the end goals. In sprints of one week as many tasks as possible are completed. We inform our clients and evaluate with them on a daily or weekly bases.


TEQQED is an ultramodern digital agency. We have abandoned the traditional way of working, there are no employees. Thanks to a very strict selection procedure we work only with the best professionals out there. We have partnered up with some of the most renowned companies and highly skilled individuals from all over the world.

For each project and budget we make sure the best possible people are assigned. This way we can guarantee the highest quality your money can buy. We strive for quality, uniqueness, reliability and active involvement.

“More than satisfied. Highly recommended!“

J. van der Meer Hacienda Guaro Viejo, Spain

“Excellent service!! Super professional and a quick response!“

M. Isabella Dream Designers, Dubai

“I am really impressed with how you work, you are ALWAYS ON.“

S. Cosentino Craftwines, Vienna